I'm Andy (Shmanders to a certain few.) "I'm feelin' 22". Gay. Massachusetts. Boston. Martha's Vineyard. New York. Brooklyn. College Graduate. Delta Chi. Risky Business. "Born Proud, Raised Proud". Mazzini Dance Collective. Brotherhood. Friends. Photography. Amateur Songwriter. Family. Sisters, Katie, Bri, & Viv. Goofball. Smirnoff Ice. Summer. PacSun. Coffee. Dunkin' Donuts. Winter. Hollister. Sunsets. Starbucks. California Dreaming. Concerts. Music. Demi Lovato. Miley Cyrus. Taylor Swift. Ke$ha. Lady GaGa. Katy Perry. Ariana Grande. Avril Lavigne. Hunter Hayes. TV. Psych. The Vampire Diaries. Will & Grace. Friends. Pretty Little Liars. Teen Wolf. Movies. Guys. Adam Levine. Paul Wesley. Adam Lambert. Taylor Lautner. Logan Lerman. Ryan Reynolds. Tyler Posey. UNBROKEN "no matter how many times I break, I will always be able to pick up the pieces and put myself back together." be true to who you are, radiate love, & stay strong.  adventure seeker(s)
Anonymous asks: Ahhhhh you're so adorable omg

Haha aww well thank you very much kind anon :)

Literally though.

#HappyFriday - Between moving cities, finding a new place (hence empty bedroom), starting a new job, I finally have a day to myself to just kick around in my #Calvins, slowly getting back to a normal routine! Big thank you to my friends & Family for helping me out over the past few weeks xx
I’m literally in love with this girl. I’d go straight for her right this moment if I knew she’d date me <3

XO || Beyoncé